Editor and screenwriter with over 10 years of experience.

My main skills are Screenwriting, Film/Video editing, Coloring and Broadcast Mastering.


Color grading and color correction. preparing material for cinema and broadcast.


My Story

Growing up in Haifa Israel, I was always fascinated by the craft of filmmaking. I started my way in the world of Film & Video at the age

of 16 at the local TV station. When I was 22, I studied copywriting at "ACC-Grannot". The course planted in me,

not only the essence of professional screenwriting, but the basics of the language of cinema. The next 4 years of my life I spent in the Department of Film at "Sapir Academic College". I dove deeper into the art and explored the theoretical and technical aspects of the field. In 2009, I graduated with a B.F.A in film studies and won a scholarship for excellence.

I then began applying the knowledge I learned, into my own business. Since then, I have been providing industry standard post-production services.


Today I am living in Tel Aviv and doing what I love to do.  


My Clients (in a nutshell)

Keshet / Reshet / Channel 10 / Kan 11 / Aruts Haochel (the food channel)/ Artza Productions / Shachar Zefania Productions / Beyond Creative /

The Southen Group / Docaviv Film festival / Cinema South Film festival / Israel Museum / eMarge Enterprises / Israel Museum